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SomDevices solutions for agriculture cover the demands of extreme weather conditions, such as low temperature and dirty environments. We provide safe, effective; cutting edge technologies for smart & high production.

Contact us to find out which of our System on Modules can most effectively meet your needs. Our experts help you optimize your development process.

Control systems​

Control systems help to develop and manufacture advanced and scalable technologies.

Our multi-operational systems with broad connectivity are engineered to meet standard guidelines and extreme temperatures of industrial grade products. They perform an unlimited range of dynamic functions. New systems could require an off-line advanced control system such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ANN (Artificial Neural Network) and large big data analytics. 

Our devices and engineered products meet your needs and requirements. 



A green world needs efficient solutions. We strive to meet the bottom-line

Advanced and improved control systems based on big data analyst, large networks of sensors and actuators require complex control and management. A rich user interface presentation is adding value. 

SomDevices provides powerful solutions fullfilling your requirements.


New world order, new tactics (cyberwar, UAV,…) and new cyber crime, demand innovative and edgy response tools.

SomDevices solutions combine functions with reliability whether route or stop. Multi-image technologies or advanced recognition software combat critical risks autonomously.

Check on our products to learn more how we can help you to reach your goal.


Nowadays all is based on rich multimedia on screen.

Upgrade your products or develop new re-designed devices with these features as well-known mobile phone environments or smart TV, etc


Medical products for hospitals, labs and clinics require a specialized design.

Life-saving and health-impacting equipment demands a design, development and manufacturing life cycle ensuring reliability and high quality standards. SomDevices uses advanced processor technologies that reduce consumption and increase powerful features. Theses improvements re-imagine all medical equipment towards stand-alone battery powered wearables devices.

Retail Shops

Retail shops (or any other geographically distributed centers industry) require interconnected and global solutions to manage the different centers remotely.

This management allows tele-control and tele-monitoring of several sensors and actuators in each building center for energy control, security, marketing feedback, user experience, etc


Manufacturing quality assurance requires testing experts.

SomDevices provides you customized, high-performing and high quality products guaranteeing your customer satisfaction. 


Designs for the transportation industry also incorporate full fleet management systems which comprise navigation capabilities, cellular communication, GPS navigation, CANBus for car network integration and more.

Furthermore, this field’s technology design and development must also take into account the increasing safety requirements and voluntary environmental commitments. Driven by the consumer demands of individualization, digitalization and increasing competition, this industry must consistently develop innovative products with added value. View our various system on modules to find the product that suits your requirements.

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