Customized product design engineering under 1roof

What we offer

  • We bring your idea to the market: HOW? 
    –  In-depth expertise in product design engineering
    – Innovation is key
  • – Legacy product re-engineering
    – All under one roof: hardware design, embedded software development, testing and deployment

Hardware Design

We have deep experience in developing hardware complying higher demanding specifications in terms of product requirements, high density PCBs, very fast signals, testing, manufacturability and standard, industry and customer certifications.

SomDevices has in-depth expertise in product design engineering. This expertise shrinks time to market for new product development (hardware design, embedded software development, testing and deployment). It also enables SomDevices to create fast and advanced new products in the market as much as re-engineer legacy products and transform them into smart and connected products.

Hardware Design includes:

Software development

SomDevices offers software architecture and development services to support the integration of our system on modules in customer’s devices as turnkey solutions.

BSP is an implementation-specific support code for a given board that conforms to a specific operating system. It is commonly built with a Bootloader that contains the minimal device support to load the operating system and device drivers for all the devices on the board.


Software Development includes:

Project Engineering

Engineering team with more than 20 years in embedded and automation systems that uses standards and Linux environments to get fast ready customer solutions.

Customer focus company that provides solutions since standard SMARC modules, flexibility and custom boards, up to turnkey projects.

We are your technological partner, and we bring your products to new Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 applications.

Moreover, our engineers could do outsourcing to work close to you on embedded systems, concept design, mechanical design, hardware and RF designs, programming advanced software and architectural design, testing,…

Project Engineering includes:


SomDevices provides you all your manufacturing requirements with our partners.

We could assure supply chain management, manufacturing lead times, test coverage and sustaining engineering.

Our manufacturing quality assurance processes are assured by


SomDevices has several introductory training courses about embedded technologies.

It targets both software engineers and integrators who work with our products, as well as software and hardware professionals who are interested in learning Embedded Linux.

Training includes:​

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