Your Partner for ARM Linux embedded solutions

Innovation is key

Somdevices has in-depth expertise in product design engineering. We develop advanced hardware and software solutions with different technologies. As SGET member we collaborate in SMARC Module standard definition and improvement.

SomDevices is NXP Semiconductors, Inc. authorized registered partner with in-depth expertise in i.MX6, i.MX7, i.MX8, i.MX9 processor families as embedded Linux ecosystem.

We offer our expertise to shrink time to market for product development (hardware design, embedded software development, testing, etc). Our turnkey projects save you time and money. Further we re-engineer legacy products, we transform them into smart and connected products. We work highly customer-centric delivering personalized solutions for standard SMARC modules. 
SomDevices is your technological partner leveraging your products to the new Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 applications. Our engineering team with more than 20 years in embedded and automation systems uses standards and Linux environments to get fast ready customer solutiones.

Hardware technologies 
TI, Xilinx-AMD, Marvel, Renesas, BroadcomRPi, Atmel, NXP Semiconductors
Software technologies 
Linux kernel and drivers, Devicetree, U-Boot,  Yocto, Openembedded, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Buildroot, LTIB, OpenWRT, C,  C++, Python, PHP,  Qt, QML, HTML5, Javascript, NodeJS, NodeRed



Somdevices provides all design phases internally. We offer fast, cost-efficient technological solutions.
SomDevices, your ARM Linux embedded solutions


Electronics become more and more software based, especially in Linux embedded ecosystemes.
SomDevices, your ARM Linux embedded solutions

High-quality manufacturing process
We meet customer specific standards & accreditations

Why SomDevices ?


We are your transversal Partner

We are your Partner for ARM Linux embedded engineering solutions. We are by your side during your transversal journey. Together we design, develop and produce your electronic products and bring them to market.


We give you 360º Support

We offer you direct and personalized support 360º, availability, agility: the fastest possible go-to-market approach. We are your trustful partner guiding, supporting & consulting you: from industrialisation to the production. TOGETHER; WE GO HAND IN HAND; CHEEK TO CHEEK!


We innovate for You

We focus on innovation and bring the latest embedded technologies to your products. Our processes and solutions are agile. We transform your ideas into tangible outcomes. Efficiency and effectivity are key while addressing your specific unmet needs. WE INNOVATE TO DRIVE YOUR PROGRESS!

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